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Consultancy and Coaching

Whilst we have attempted to provide a range of learning solutions to a variety of different development needs, there often isn’t a simple, off the shelf answer that will be right in all cases.

In these situations the learning and development team will work with you to find the most appropriate way forward for you, your team or your service.

It’s often very difficult to see problems clearly and harder still to solve them. Learning & Development consultants will work with you to analyse what’s going on and enable you to find solutions and put them into action.We will sometimes challenge and ask questions to find the causes to problems but our aim is to find solutions that are both creative as well as realistic.

In some cases we can deliver a solution ourselves but in others we will either point you in the direction of other means of support or help you identify and deliver the solution yourself. By working with you to understand the causes of the problems we are able to see beyond what can sometimes be described as a quick-fix solution and often help you save valuable time and money on unnecessary and often expensive formal training activities.

To discuss your particular issues please contact Emily Loveday on x3094 or Emma Ford on x4447.

Coaching support
The opportunity to make better decisions and self-directed discoveries that are often based on your own analysis and know-how is what makes the coaching process so valuable.

As workplace coaching continues to offer a focussed and impactful means of support, members of the Workforce Development team are available to work with you directly or can arrange some suitable external coaching support via the South West Council’s Coaching and Mentoring scheme.

In helping you work through any specific issues a coach can;
- Provide encouragement and support you during difficult times,
- Help you to reflect on the lessons learned from your work experiences,
- Provide constructive insight and feedback about the “blind self” areas and behaviors that we don’t see in ourselves that others do see,
- Help to build your confidence to tackle tough issues and create a confidential sounding board before you try out your ideas
- Share and promote modern and best practices and provide a sense of challenge to existing ways.
- Whoever your coaching partner is, all the coaches will be qualified or working towards the level 5 coaching qualification.

If you think you might benefit from some workplace coaching and would like to discuss this further please contact Emily Loveday in the Learning and Development team.

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