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Code: SGC/23/0723 Male Carers FCSG

Fancy trying Grass Bowls! Followed by social drinks afterwards.

This support group will be led by Chris Hill (Foster Carer Development and Training Officer) at: 
Sunnyside Lane Playing Fields
Moorland Road
South Gloucestershire
BS37 4BX 

About bowls
Fundamentally, the game involves propelling a number of bowls towards a small target ball (known as a jack). The person or team whose bowls are nearest to the jack counts them as shots. At the end of the game (determined several ways) the person or team with the most shots wins

Any questions please call or Chris Hill on 07749003099 or email

The Purpose for the support groups

We realise that fostering can be difficult at times. Perhaps the only people who really understand it are other foster carers and so therefore we want to give you a place to meet up.

Although these will be informal meetings, sessions may have a brief agenda, attendance list, and agreed group rules. This is to help those who are new to supports groups and may feel awkward about coming along. 

Sometimes there will be speakers and topics as requested by the group, this will hopefully make it as relevant to you and fostering.

These sessions should be recorded on your Personal Development Plan (PDP)

Essential Information
Session Session Date Session Time Session Venue Map
1 25 September 2023 18:30 - 20:30 TBC Map

Code: SGC/23/0742 Preparing for effective supervision (EVENT FULL)

• This new practice workshop will cover the key aspects of preparing for effective supervision. There will be dedicated time for practice reflection and exploring how to ask your supervisor key reflective questions, to maximise your opportunity to get to the significant issues and discussions about your children and young people.

• We will introduce some ‘quick wins’ and you will have an opportunity to share your quick wins with colleagues and engage in meaningful peer discussion about what helps.

• We will also be exploring how we communicate what we need from supervision in terms of our own learning, career development, how you learn and     well-being.

• After attendance and completion of the feedback form, you will receive a certificate. This can support your CPD.

This event is for social workers, social work assistants and personal advisors in -
Children in Care team
Transition to Independence team
Localities Teams

Join on your computer, mobile app or room device
Click here to join the meeting
Meeting ID: 344 554 283 15
Passcode: udfgZ2

Essential Information
Session Session Date Session Time Session Venue Map
1 25 September 2023 13:00 - 14:30 Microsoft TEAMS Map

Code: SGC/23/0259 Working with victims of Child Exploitation - Skills and Practice

Please click here to view and download the course handouts

This course offers practitioners a chance to develop their skills in the direct work that they may be doing. The training will give practitioners ideas that may enhance their practice and introduce them to practical ways of working with young people who are or maybe at risk of exploitation.

Requirements for training via Zoom:

  • Participants must be provided with protected time, in an environment free from all work-related duties and distractions to successfuly complete the training
  • Participants require access to a camera and microphone to be able to fully engage in the session
  • On the day of training, should the above requirements not be possible, participants should rebook for a different date when they are able to meet the requirements, failure to full engage in the session may result in non-issue of certificate and a request to repeat the training session.

Requirements for face-to-face training:

  • Participants must arrive on time and allow time for parking.
  • Participants should attend the full training day, participants should be rebook for a different date if they are unable to attend the full day.
  • Please print any handouts attached to this event and bring them along with you to the session.

Essential Information
Session Session Date Session Time Session Venue Map
1 25 September 2023 09:30 - 16:30 Webinar: Zoom Map