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Code: SGC/21/0478 Creative Thinking and Decision Making (self-study course)

This interactive online learning introduces a variety of creative solution generation and decision-making techniques. You will develop the skills necessary to analyse a problem, generate creative solutions, and decide which solution most closely matches their needs. You will find out about problem solving styles and be able reflect on the typical approach you take and compare it with other styles. You'll gain knowledge about how defining the problem can be key and different tools you can use to do this, different creative approaches you can apply to the issues to generate solutions and alternative ideas and then evaluation processes so you reach decisions that achieve the outcomes you want.

This course is aimed at any internal staff who want to develop practical skills and approaches to problem solving, creative idea generation, and decision making tools where the solutions are not always obvious.

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1 TBA 09:00 - 09:30 Online Learning Map