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Code: SGC/22/1037 Changes to Planning Legislation

To provide members with an update on recent and planned changes to National and Local planning legislation and policy.

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1 07 September 2022 14:00 - 15:00 Microsoft TEAMS Map

Code: SGC/22/1041 Avon Fire and Rescue Chief Officer Briefing

Dear Councillors,

You are invited to attend a briefing by Avon Fire and Rescue on their current priorities. The briefing will be delivered by the Chief Fire Officer Simon Shilton. This is a fantastic opportunity; we hope you can attend.

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1 09 September 2022 10:30 - 11:30 Microsoft TEAMS Map

Code: SGC/22/1038 Circulated Schedule refresher

You are invited to a quick refresher course on the Circulated Schedule process. The session will last for no more than 30 minutes and will consist of 2 key elements –

a) The Circulated Schedule triggers – what applications appear on the schedule (led by Marie Bath)
b) The Member referral process – how to correctly call an application from circulated to committee (led by Rebecca Balfour)

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1 12 October 2022 14:00 - 14:30 Microsoft TEAMS Map

Code: SGC/22/1039 Updates to Local Plan

This event will provide an opportunity for members to learn more about how the council is taking forward its new Local Plan.

Officers will present how our new Local Plan is addressing the challenges of: meeting all our communities housing and jobs needs, maintaining a 5 year housing land supply, ensuring we make effective use of brown field land, regeneration opportunities, achieve the necessary infrastructure to support new development, helping to meet the council’s climate change emergency and nature recovery objectives through supporting renewable energy and green infrastructure delivery, and the new spatial planning policies needed to be deliver the council’s objectives for sustainable development.

Officers will also seek to explain how we are preparing the new Local Plan in the context of the Government’s new Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill and requirements to support cross boundary strategic City Region planning.

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1 02 November 2022 14:00 - 15:00 Microsoft TEAMS Map

Code: SGC/22/1040 Meet the Bromford Directors

We would like to invite you to a virtual briefing to allow the Bromford Directors to update Members on operational issues such as:

• Development programme – progress and future plans
• Significant asset management programmes – progress and plans
• Welfare reform impact on Bromford residents
• Housing management, independent living service and community development updates
• Digital Strategy

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1 02 December 2022 13:00 - 14:30 Microsoft TEAMS Map

Code: SGC/22/1069 Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making (self-study course) SGC Staff Only

This interactive online learning introduces a variety of creative solution generation and decision-making techniques. You will develop the skills necessary to analyse a problem, generate creative solutions, and decide which solution most closely matches their needs. You will find out about problem solving styles and be able reflect on the typical approach you take and compare it with other styles. You'll gain knowledge about how defining the problem can be key and different tools you can use to do this, different creative approaches you can apply to the issues to generate solutions and alternative ideas and then evaluation processes so you reach decisions that achieve the outcomes you want.

This course is aimed at any internal staff who want to develop practical skills and approaches to problem solving, creative idea generation, and decision making tools where the solutions are not always obvious.

This is a self-study course and you can undertake this course at any time. It can be useful if you have some of your own examples that you can work through as you go through this course to provide you with a relevant context.

You may also find it useful to do with other people that you work with so you can discuss it together. If you wish to do this we recommend putting aside three hours and setting up a MS Teams meeting so you can use the chat function to record important points, questions you have, tips you can share and record any changes you want to make.

To access this course please use this link.

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1 TBA 09:00 - 09:30 Online Learning Map