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Recruitment, Onboarding & Induction e-module

Course name
Recruitment, Onboarding & Induction e-module 
The aim of this blended online course is to enable managers with no previous recruitment experience to carry out effective recruitment. If you have recruited in other organisations you may also find this useful as a refresher or to find out the council approach. The course will familiarise you council’s recruitment guide and you will explore essential and additional criteria for posts, options regarding advert content and where adverts are placed, how to identify appropriate selection processes to use alongside the recruitment interview, shortlisting, preparing for interviews and other assessment tools, how to make fair and unbiased recruitment decisions, giving feedback and the steps you need to take to induct a new starter through to probation. Participants will need to put aside 2.5 hours to complete the Rise self-study package entitled: “Recruitment, onboarding and induction” in advance of the training day to ensure a baseline of knowledge. 
Learning outcomes
This course will enable you to:-

Understand your role as a manager in the recruitment process within South Gloucestershire council
Set criteria for the role that you can assess against for interview and other assessment methods
Write appropriate interview questions in line with organisational competencies
Assess and evaluate an applicant’s performance at interview
Provide feedback to an unsuccessful candidate following interview
Describe the post-interview stages of job offer and selection procedures necessary
Describe the steps necessary to onboard and induct a new member of staff. 
Target Audience
Estimated Duration