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Autism Training (SGC Staff Only)

Microsoft TEAMS, Virtual training
Event Tutors
Daniel John
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Target Audience
All Internal Staff
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Course categories
Equality and Diversity
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Equality and Diversity
Event description
The training consists of two presentations that provide an introduction to the Autism Spectrum.

Part 1 looks at themes such as what Autism is, traits & behaviours associated with Autism, the social challenges that autistic people face day to day, coping mechanisms, and barriers to employment.

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Meeting ID: 386 644 589 223
Passcode: JpFnFf

Part 2 briefly recaps the themes from part 1 and looks at themes such as the different types of Autism, skills and abilities commonly associated with Autism, mental health, the pros and cons of the two different models of disability, advice on how best to support autistic residents and colleagues you may work with, and famous people on the spectrum. Part 2 also features interactive elements such as a quiz.

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Meeting ID: 365 391 332 902
Passcode: xB2WGh

Both presentations feature videos.
Learning outcomes
• Improved communication with Autistic people.
• Increased awareness of the challenges faced by Autistic people.
• Knowledge on reasonable adjustments for working alongside and supporting Autistic people.
• Increased understanding of Autism related behaviours and coping strategies.
• Increased understanding of gender differences in Autism
• Understanding of misconceptions around Autism.
• Increased awareness of the strengths and skills that Autistic people bring to society.
Start Date
Wednesday 12 June 2024
End Date
Wednesday 19 June 2024
Closing Date
Tuesday 11 June 2024
11:00 - 11:45
Maximum Places
Certificate expiry
Pass/Fail event