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Reflective Supervision (internal Adult Social Care staff only)

Kingswood Civic Centre, High Street, Kingswood
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Target Audience
Social Care Staff
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Adult Social Care / Leadership and Management / Personal Effectiveness
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General Adult Social Care
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Managing People
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General Personal Effectiveness / Working with Others
Event description
PLEASE NOTE: This course is for internal Adult Social Care staff only.

Reflective Practice in Supervision. A two workshop programme for supervisors.

This programme is for Senior Practitioner OT’s and Social Workers and Managers who provide supervision. It will support you in your Supervisor role whether you are a new or experienced Senior Practitioner or manager.

Aim of the Programme and context

Research and practice demonstrate that Social Workers and Occupational Therapists must have access to regular, good quality supervision; it is an importance element to achieving effective practice, providing advice and support as well as promoting professional resilience and wellbeing. Regular supervision is essential to achieve a high-quality service (DoH 2015, BASW 2013, COT 2015) and this is endorsed and supported by the relevant professional bodies and managers in the Department for People. (South Gloucestershire Supervision in Adult Social Care Policy 2021).

This duet of workshops has been developed for supervisors who want to revisit and develop their skills, knowledge and application of reflective supervision as an effective means to meet organisational, professional and individual objectives.

The course consists of two half-day workshops held in person over a two-month period to give participants an opportunity to apply their learning. The workshops will be for a closed group of twelve people, the group size maximising the opportunity to participate; each workshop combines inputs from the facilitator with interactive exercises that promote reflection and application using examples of supervision practice provided by the learning group.

To make the most of this learning opportunity, participants will be expected to read the agency policy prior to the first workshop and between workshops complete short tasks to encourage the application of ideas and theory to their current supervisory experiences. Participants will be provided with material electronically, after each workshop to complement and reinforce messages from the sessions.

Course content is informed by the Knowledge and Skills Statement for Practice Supervisors (DOE 2015), Post-qualifying Standards for Social Work Practice supervisors in Adult Social Care(DHSC 2018) the Professional Capabilities Framework (SWRB2012), Employer Standards (particularly Standard 5) all of which promote the principle that staff should receive quality supervision that provides opportunities for challenge and reflective learning; this will enable them to sustain standards of professionalism, competence, credibility and currency.

Learning outcomes
By the end of the two workshops and completion of key course tasks participants will have:

  • Identified what is meant by supervision; its functions, goals and the underpinning research and policy.

  • Defined what constitutes reflective practice and identified how it can contribute to the aims of supervision. Identified models and structures to promote reflective learning in supervision.

  • Developed an understanding of how adults learn and identified ways of using this knowledge to guide supervisory practice.

  • Considered what the perspectives of service users are about supervision and how these can be integrated into our supervisory practice

  • Considered the effect of power imbalances within supervision and ways of promoting an empowering, strengths-based learning environment.

  • Identified the rights and responsibilities of supervisees and supervisors

  • Devised and implemented action plans that enable the incorporation of learning into supervisory practice.

On completion of the course participants will be provided with a certificate so that their experience can be used as part of Social Work England and HCPC re-registration processes.
Start Date
Thursday 2 May 2024
End Date
Monday 3 June 2024
Closing Date
Wednesday 1 May 2024
10:00 - 13:00
Maximum Places
Certificate expiry
Pass/Fail event