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Complex Case Analysis and Interventions

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CAH Staff / Social Care Staff
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Children and Young People
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This workshop will provide attendees with a practice-rich day with a focus on breaking down and planning interventions for challenging cases. Those attending will be given an opportunity to explore 'live' cases with Richard Rose, who will offer guidance and practical tasks to support your work. In preparation for this training, those that have registered to attend will be invited to send specific anonymous case issues to be explored during the workshop. The programme will provide opportunities to share experiences, learn from colleagues and engage with credible strategies to promote protection, safeguarding and wellbeing for children and their families and carers.

The workshop will include theory, child development, assessment approaches and life case discussions.
Who Should Attend?: This training is aimed specifically at practitioners undertaking and supporting direct complex case work with children and young people within the community services sector.

The workshop will be led by Richard Rose, Director of Child Trauma Intervention Services Ltd (CTIS) which seeks to engage with children affected by early life trauma and to help them achieve their full potential. Richard undertakes consultancy and training on Life Story Therapy and working with 'hard to reach' children and adolescents and develops academic training programmes in the UK and internationally. Prior to founding CTIS in 2011, Richard worked in the UK in local authority child protection and in the highly regarded residential therapeutic treatment agency SACCS, including four years as the Clinical Practice Director of the Mary Walsh Institute. Throughout his career, Richard has worked with children and their carers in out of home care and family placements, with the aim of enabling placements to become healthy and nurturing through enhanced understanding and attachment. He is the author of three books including Life Story Therapy: A new therapy for traumatised children – A model for practice, published in 2012 and Innovative Therapeutic Life Story Work 2017. He is an Adjunct Associate Professor of Social Work and Social Policy at La Trobe University.
Learning outcomes
Participants will learn:

- Techniques in reaching the hard to reach child
- Listening and interpretive skills
- The significance of feelings and magic feelings
- Techniques for communicating and recording
- Signs of safety skills
- Issues of confidentiality
- Addressing sensitive issues and providing appropriate resources & tools
Start Date
Monday 8 July 2024
End Date
Tuesday 23 July 2024
Closing Date
Sunday 7 July 2024
09:30 - 16:30
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