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Preparing for effective supervision (Cancelled)

Reason for cancellation
Microsoft TEAMS, Virtual training
Event Tutors
leanne morgan
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Target Audience
CAH Staff
target audience
Event Types
Online Course, Bite Sized Session
Course categories
Children and Young People
Children and Young People subcategories
Children's Social Care
Event description
• This new practice workshop will cover the key aspects of preparing for effective supervision. There will be dedicated time for practice reflection and exploring how to ask your supervisor key reflective questions, to maximise your opportunity to get to the significant issues and discussions about your children and young people.

• We will introduce some ‘quick wins’ and you will have an opportunity to share your quick wins with colleagues and engage in meaningful peer discussion about what helps.

• We will also be exploring how we communicate what we need from supervision in terms of our own learning, career development, how you learn and     well-being.

• After attendance and completion of the feedback form, you will receive a certificate. This can support your CPD.

This event is for social workers, social work assistants and personal advisors in -
Children in Care team
Transition to Independence team
Localities Teams

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Meeting ID: 320 222 395 144
Passcode: 8yKvaC
Learning outcomes
You will be introduced to the key aspects of supervision preparation.

You will have the opportunity to explore how to communicate what you need from supervision, including how you learn and your well-being.

You will have an opportunity to reflect on and critique your current supervision experiences, and explore ‘quick wins’ with colleagues, to enhance your readiness for supervision and your experience of supervision.
Start Date
Thursday 14 September 2023
End Date
Thursday 14 September 2023
Closing Date
Wednesday 6 September 2023
10:00 - 11:30
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Number of Sessions
Certificate expiry
Pass/Fail event