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Therapeutic Parenting Pick 'n' Mix (Cancelled)

Reason for cancellation
Kingswood Civic Centre, High Street, Kingswood
Event Tutors
Kirsty Fraser
Admin Contact
Fostering Business Support (
Target Audience
Adopters / Connected Carers / Foster Carers / SGO's / Short Break Carers
target audience
Event Types
Course (daytime)
Course categories
Adopters and Foster Carers
Adopters and Foster Carers subcategories
CS6 - Attachment and well-being / CS7- Managing Behaviour
Event description
VENUE: Kingswood Civic Centre

Butterflies and Bees is changing its name to Therapeutic Parenting Pick 'n' Mix

In order to do this course you must first have done Why and How? Attachment and Emotional Health For Young People Looked After; or another kind of training on attachment; or have had some partnership/carer consultation through Thinking Aloud.

This is a psychoeducational group for adults who care for children who have experienced trauma and loss.

Why do the course?
Entering the world of children who have experienced trauma and loss can present many challenges. They may act in ways that bring up intense emotions in the people who are caring for them and often get trapped in cycles of placement breakdowns, low self worth and long term mental health issues. There is no easy solution to this, but by gaining a better understanding of the worlds these children are living in, we open up space for repairing the negative impacts. This ultimately will lead to a reduction in distress and better social and emotional wellbeing.

What will we be doing on the course?
This course presents offers:
1. A guide to the world of these children
2. Tools needed to navigate and survive in them.
The course is not designed to provide a “magic wand” to fix these children but act as a foundation or refresher for carers to continue to build their reflective capacity, knowledge, and skill set.

Do I need to do this?
You will get the most out of the course if you come with an open mind and the understanding that even the most experienced carers benefit from an opportunity to refresh and reflect on these skills. The course facilitators aim to role model this with the philosophy that no one is the expert and everyone has something to bring to the group from their lives.

Primary aims - Carers will gain…
1. Carers personal tools e.g. self care, self reflection
2. Child specific tools
3. A workbook: information and theories

Key learning methods:
1. Discussion
2. Reflection
3. Practice (role play and tasks to do at home each week)
4. Direct teaching from facilitators
5. Peer learning*

Please feel free to share your knowledge and tips with other carers when things are raised in the group. There are things to be learned from everyone

Please note: By booking onto this course, you are consenting to your contact details being passed onto the trainer. This is so they can send the Zoom invitation to you.
Learning outcomes
The course provides some flexibility but will follow a basic structure of core components with two flexi-sessions. The content of these will be decided upon depending on the needs and wants of the group:

Week              Focus
1         Introduction and Attachment
2         Neuroscience, Trauma, Mindfulness and Emotional regulation part 1
3         Shame and Acceptance
4         Curiosity and Risk and Resilience
5         Play, Playfulness and Belonging
6         Flexi-session
7         Empathy and Emotional Regulation Part 2
8         Self-worth, Wellbeing and Blocked Care
9         Flexi-session
10       Summarise and Close
Start Date
Wednesday 20 September 2023
End Date
Wednesday 15 November 2023
Closing Date
Friday 15 September 2023
10:00 - 12:00
Maximum Places
Certificate expiry
Pass/Fail event