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Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Network

Microsoft TEAMS, Virtual training
Event Tutors
Simone Barnes / JACQUELINE LEWIS / Sinead McBride / KAREN NORTON
Admin Contact
Target Audience
Childminders / Pre-Schools & Nurseries
target audience
Event Types
Network Meeting
Course categories
Children and Young People
Children and Young People subcategories
Early Years
Event description
This network is aimed at setting practitioners and childminders of all levels and experiences.

This course will provide opportunities for setting practitioners, and childminders to come together and reflect upon Equality, Diversity and Inclusion within the early years.

This will be an open forum for reflective discussion; therefore, an expectation of contribution is required from all attendees. A comfortable, albeit virtual space will be created to share and reflect upon key aspects of inclusive practice including; unconscious bias, tokenism in the absence of diversity, challenging racial incidents and talking about race in our settings.

Previous attendees are welcome to return to the network, however, please note that as we will be exploring similar themes, some content will be repeated.
Learning outcomes
• Focus on the early years educator's role in promoting anti-discriminatory practices alongside celebrating diversity.
• Explore themes with a focus on offensive connotations.
• Facilitate shared reflections and discussions which challenge and empower attendees to develop practice.
Start Date
Wednesday 30 November 2022
End Date
Wednesday 31 May 2023
Closing Date
Friday 25 November 2022
18:30 - 20:00
Maximum Places
Certificate expiry
Pass/Fail event