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Coping with Trauma and Resilience pm (ICS Business Support Staff only)

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Social Care Staff
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Children's Social Care
Event description
Members of the Business support team are exposed to varied information including reports; chronologies; verbal accounts; witness and other statements; as well as other ‘material’. They may only have had limited training and/or preparation for working with this material. Professional support such as debriefing and supervision, may not be readily available to them. In addition, they are unlikely to readily access other support mechanisms such as daily contact with team members and other staff to help them contain anxiety and promote resilience.

The absence of such work based mechanisms therefore leaves panel members potentially more vulnerable than other colleagues, to either a slow/insidious build-up of stress and trauma, or more immediate ‘triggering’ of traumatic memories, experiences and emotions. This workshop is designed to help those panel members consider how they may best cope with the material they are exposed to and develop ideas to contain anxiety and build resilience.
Learning outcomes
Participants will have been offered the opportunity to:
• have considered issues around ‘own’ vulnerability
• understand the potential impact (short-medium-long term) of exposure to distressing material
• developed some ideas about best to reduce one’s own vulnerability and promote resilience
• consider how best to utilise work-based mechanisms (e.g. de-briefing/supervision) which may be available.
Start Date
Wednesday 5 January 2022
End Date
Wednesday 5 January 2022
Closing Date
Tuesday 4 January 2022
13:30 - 16:30
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