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Seven Ways to Build Resilience

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All Internal Staff / Manager
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Covid-19 Support / Personal Effectiveness / Public Health & Wellbeing
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Resilience is something you do, not what you have and therefore is a skill you can develop within yourself. This is a time where a great deal of resilience is needed and this online course can help you gain skills, knowledge and the ability to deal with challenges in more resilient ways. This course will introduce you to resilience skills, insights, strategies and practices.Based on Chris Johnstone's book Seven Ways to Build Resilience, this companion online course describes seven essential skills that help your resilience grow. With about two hours of video divided into short, easy to watch episodes, the course introduces insights and strategies that strengthen your ability to deal with difficult times. This online course includes storyboarding, emotional first aid, thinking flexibly, overload management, problem solving, strengthening support, stickability, overview and next steps.

Please note this is an online course which you can work through at your own time and pace.  Once your place has been confirmed you will receive an email with the details attached of how to register.

Learning outcomes
A better understanding of a wide range of resilience building techniques
A better understanding of strategies you can undertake to boost your resilience
Practical techniques you can use to apply to problems and challenges
Proven tips that you can use and share with others
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Sunday 30 January 2022
09:00 - 09:30
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