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Making Every Interaction Count (ECERS)

Brook Way Activity Centre, Brook Way, Bradley Stoke
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Children and Young People
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Early Years
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A 5-day professional development and learning programme to improve language in the Early Years and beyond, in partnership with South Gloucestershire Council

The course is aimed at Nursery and Reception teachers and leaders and run in association with South Gloucestershire Council.

The cost of the 5 Day course including materials is £720 per school for 2 members of staff to attend. If you wish to undertake the Approach Champion training the cost is £800 per school – this includes the above plus and additional training day for 1 person.

For further information please contact:

The Early Years Team
Learning outcomes

Our professional development programme will support you in improving children’s communication and language by using research-validated tools:

· to gain a deeper understanding of how children learn language and how to support that learning through evidence-based practice;

· to tune in to children and to yourselves, acting on that evidence to improve the effectiveness of practice

· to work as a team within your class/rooms to develop the approach

· to develop an effective self-evaluation and improvement cycle and improve your confidence to articulate shared pedagogy to others (including Ofsted)
to build capacity for sustained improvement beyond the end of the programme.

Day 1: Introduction to the URLEY approach
Unique Child/Positive Relationships: creating a baseline for improvement
Day 2: Enabling Environments: creating a language-enabling environment
Day 3: Positive Relationships: being a language radiator (play and investigation)
Day 4: Positive Relationships: creating a culture of conversation
Day 5: Positive Relationships: using books
Start Date
Friday 8 November 2019
End Date
Friday 13 March 2020
Closing Date
Thursday 7 November 2019
09:00 - 16:00
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