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Kingswood Civic Centre, High Street, Kingswood
Event Tutors
Emma Ford
Admin Contact
HR Workforce Development (
Target Audience
External Care Providers / Manager / Voluntary Sector Workers
target audience
Event Types
Course (daytime)
Course categories
Leadership and Management / Personal Effectiveness
Leadership and Management subcategories
Managing People / New To Management
Personal Effectiveness subcategories
Working with Others
Event description
The Council promotes the use of a "Coaching style" of management, which empowers staff to take responsibility for their own performance and work. The ability of managers to coach the performance and development of their staff is therefore considered a key skill. The time invested in developing coaching skills can deliver some very positive outcomes, such as, delivering increased motivation, performance and removing barriers and blockers to progression. Coaching skills can change the way people think about your leadership and you can inspire confidence and self-belief in your team. You have an opportunity to motivate others in a positive and inspirational way. If you arenÐt a manager you can assist and support peers through this collaborative approach to tackling issues. Ultimately it empowers people to perform more effectively and through the tools and techniques you learn on this course you will also find that you become more effective too. This interactive day will give you a greater understanding of how you can use this simple coaching tool to improve the performance of others. YouÐll have a better understanding of what makes people tick and be able to use the techniques to build better relationships with others. The standard charge for this course is £80 per day although for council employees this course is free to attend.
Learning outcomes
Describe the coaching process and the role of the coach Understand the value and benefits of coaching for individuals and teams Understand the elements of communication required during a coaching conversation Understand the situations where a coaching approach will be most effective Demonstrate your coaching skills through practice of the GROW model Assess your own coaching skills by reflecting on your experiences and create a coaching development plan. Facilitate your own personal development experience both coaching and being coached.
Start Date
Thursday 6 June 2019
End Date
Thursday 6 June 2019
Closing Date
Wednesday 5 June 2019
09:30 - 16:30
Maximum Places
Number of Sessions
Certificate expiry
Pass/Fail event