Exploitation of Adults

Kingswood Civic Centre, High Street, Kingswood
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Sue Wheeler
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All Internal Staff / CAH Staff / External Care Providers / GP's / Health Practitioners / Social Care Staff / Voluntary Sector Workers
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Webinar, Course (daytime)
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Adult Social Care
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Adult Mental Health / Autism / Community Care Inform Adults / General Adult Social Care / Learning Difficulties / Older People / Safeguarding Adult
Event description
Exploitation happens when someone has power and control over another person. They take advantage of another person’s vulnerability to make money, improve their status or gain control. In order to gain control and power they will groom the victim. The way they do this is by befriending them. This could be by buying them gifts or by giving them money, alcohol or drugs. They could also make them feel special and give them a group to belong to. Perpetrators will target a person’s vulnerability, whether they are children or adults, and will try to isolate the victim to make them depend on the perpetrator.

Adult Exploitation is an extremely important issue for anyone working with vulnerable adults. Exploitation can effect a wide range of people in very many different ways. It is an issue that needs to be understood by professionals so they know who might be more vulnerable to being exploited, what to look out for when they are working with vulnerable people and what to do if they are concerned that someone they are working with may be a victim of exploitation.

It can sometimes be really hard for a victim to know and understand that they are a victim of exploitation, as the perpetrator could be regarded as a friend. It can be very hard for the victim to disclose that they are being abused as they are being controlled by the perpetrator and they rely on them for help and support. If professionals are aware of the warning signs and risk indicators then they may be able to see the signs before the victim is aware of what may be happening. It is important to flag up early signs of exploitation so that a multi-agency approach can be put into place. This would include police who could then try and spot any criminal offences being carried out by the perpetrator and the possibility of any emerging patterns such as organised crime and exploitation rings.
Learning outcomes

  • To understand the definition of adult exploitation

  • To know about the ways in which adults can be exploited

  • To understand some of the legislation that is in place to support best practice

  • To know, understand and be able to recognise some of the vulnerabilities, warning signs and risk factors that could indicate exploitation

  • To understand some of the barriers people have in reporting their abuse

  • To begin to understand why consent is important and how it is established

  • To know what to do if you are worried

  • To know how to respond to allegations

  • To begin to understand about modern slavery and trafficking and its relationship with exploitation

Start Date
Tuesday 11 March 2025
End Date
Tuesday 11 March 2025
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Monday 10 March 2025
09:30 - 16:00
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