Overview of the Place to Live Request and Approval Process

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ASYE Academy (Children's Services) / CAH Staff / Social Care Staff
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Overview of the Place to Live Request and Approval Process:  Includes all types of placement including out of authority and unregulated

These bite size sessions are designed to provide you with an update on placement planning processes. This includes the new process that will be implemented in respect of authorisation to search for placements, matching process for placements and review of placements. In addition the training will cover the authorisation process for unregulated and unregistered placements. The sessions will be co-facilitated with IT so that you will be provided with guidance on completing the relevant steps on Mosaic.

The training is aimed at all social workers and managers who are involved in placing children in all types of placement provision to ensure that you are aware of the revised approval processes and forms that will be required in order to initiate placement searches and approvals to place children. You will be introduced to the new forms and revised processes in respect of children’s placement, ahead of implementation of the new policy.
Learning outcomes
To minimise the impact to the children and young people going through the process to find a Place to Live.

To ensure placements are best matched and made quickly 

To ensure social care teams and commissioners are clear of their responsibilities within the process. 

To ensure placements are signed off at the appropriate level.

To ensure placement meet the statutory requirements for Ofsted

To ensure the processes for social care team, commissioners and finance teams are joined up and all steps on Mosaic are completed.

To ensure that senior management have a clear oversite of each placement and where it sits within the process.
Start Date
Wednesday 11 January 2023
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Wednesday 11 January 2023
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Tuesday 10 January 2023
09:00 - 11:00
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