MECSH - Introduction to a new Health Visitor Programme - Training for foster carers (Cancelled)

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Adopters / Connected Carers / Foster Carers / SGO's
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Workshop - Week Day Time
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Adopters and Foster Carers
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CS6 - Attachment and well-being / Professional Development
Event description
Introduction to a new Health Visitor Programme

A session for foster carers

Fai Pope and Wendy Hollister, Health Visitors (HV),  are currently working on a project for HV’s to support foster carers with children under 5 and to share some of the new MECSH resources. As part of this project we are going to put on some training which will cover:

The role of the health visitor
What is the aim of this project?
What is MECSH and how it can help you?
Understand the resources and evidence behind them.
Understand the role of the health visitor in fostering?

We would love you to come along as this is a project and we would value your input to help shape your future service with us

Learning outcomes
The MECSH programme draws together the best available evidence on the importance of:

the early years
children’s health and development
the types of support parents need
parent-infant interaction
supporting families to establish the foundations of a positive life outcome for their children.
Start Date
Tuesday 5 October 2021
End Date
Tuesday 5 October 2021
Closing Date
Monday 4 October 2021
10:00 - 12:00
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