Part 1: Understanding And Responding To Domestic Abuse and Coercive Control (Cancelled)

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CAH Staff / External Care Providers / GP's / Health Practitioners / Housing Association / Manager / Pharmacy Staff / Schools / Social Care Staff / Voluntary Sector Workers
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Safeguarding Adult / Safeguarding Children
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Test your knowledge before you attend the training (SGC employees only)!

This is a virtual course delivered by Sarah Wigley, commissioned on behalf of the South Glos Safeguarding Adults Board. 

Suitable For: All health and social care professionals who come into contact with people who may be experiencing domestic abuse.
Learning outcomes
1. Increase awareness of the insidious nature of domestic abuse and the invisibility of coercion and control.
2. Provide information about the prevalence and statistics of domestic abuse
3. Increase confidence to be professionally curious and to proactively enquire about domestic abuse.
4. Increase understanding of victims’ responses to domestic abuse and coercive control
5. Explore the additional impacts on people from marginalised groups including adults with support and
care needs, older people and LGBT and minority communities
6. Explore the links between pregnancy and domestic abuse and the impacts on children both pre-birth and
at various stages of development
7. Consider the professional responsibility for positively impacting the resilience of children
8. Provide information of how to refer to relevant services when appropriate, including referral to local and
national specialist services for victims and perpetrators.
Start Date
Monday 10 May 2021
End Date
Monday 10 May 2021
Closing Date
Sunday 9 May 2021
09:30 - 16:30
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