The FREEDOM Method (self-study course)

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The FREEDOM method personal development model® can help you build confidence and self-belief, as well as boost your wellbeing. It is an approach that can be used for achieving small or large goals, making your life easier and happier, providing clarity and purpose, gaining confidence in your decision making or even at its most advanced level for strategic planning. This is something you can use at a superficial or deep level, it’s up to you. Ultimately, you’ll reap the rewards of all of your efforts – the more you put in, the more you’ll get out of it. As part of this course you’ll learn tools and techniques to create change and to help you gain momentum and inspiration along the way.

This course will help your consider where you are now, your confidence levels, experiences and ideas you can use to create positive change in your career and bring this together through action planning. This has been written as a 100 day programme of change. This day would be the first day and it sets the scene for the changes you may decide to make over the next 100 days.

Feedback on the FREEDOM method is that it has led to promotions, further study, improvements in confidence, self-esteem and wellbeing. It has encouraged people to take on challenges they never thought possible. Come on this course if you are ready to make changes in your professional or personal life.

Learning outcomes
This self-study course will provide you with -

An understanding of the FREEDOM Method and how it can help you achieve goals
Build greater self-awareness
Understand your limiting beliefs and comfort zones
Gain insight into how past experiences can guide you in the future
Be encouraged to experiment and try new things
Decide a goal to work towards for 100 days
Understand the obstacles you may face and develop strategies to overcome them
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Wednesday 29 September 2021
09:00 - 09:30
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