Advanced Inter Agency Child Protection - Zoom Webinar

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Adopters / Childminders / Foster Carers / Pre-Schools & Nurseries / Schools / Short Break Carers
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Adopters and Foster Carers / Children and Young People / Safeguarding
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South Glos Council employees must request a Zoom Licence from ICT by logging a support ticket (Intranet Home Page, under ICT)

A training package has been developed to temporarily replace and fulfil the aims and objectives of one day face to face Advanced Inter Agency Child Protection course.
The package includes a remote distance learning element supplemented by a 4 hour online trainer led session.
The training is organised by South Gloucestershire Safeguarding Children Board Training Group and is targeted at all staff from all agencies who are working directly with children, or adults who are parents. Effective child protection depends not only on reliable and accepted procedures for all staff involved with children, but also on their skills, knowledge and judgement and the ability to work together co-operatively. Staff with lead roles in child protection require specialised training in order to carry out their work with abused children and families. Please note it is recommended to leave a minimum of 3 months between attending Inter Agency Child Protection and Advanced Inter Agency Child Protection.

Requirements for training:

Participants must be provided with protected time, in an environment free from all work-related duties and distractions to successfuly complete the training.
Participants require access to a camera and microphone to be able to fully engage in the session.
On the day of training, should the above requirements not be possible, participants should rebook for a different date when they are able to meet the requirements, failure to full engage in the session may result in non-issue of certificate and a request to repeat the training session.

Learning outcomes

  Identify current child protection legislation, statutory and non-statutory guidance.

Apply local thresholds and procedures to develop professional judgement when making decisions as to whether a child is a child in need or is suffering or likely to suffer significant harm, and to take appropriate action

Manage tasks, processes, roles and responsibilities and apply local arrangements for safeguarding children and promoting their welfare, including the use of Signs of Safety and Early Help models.

Utilise the procedural and legislative framework within which agencies must operate, including individual and joint roles and responsibilities at each stage of the Child Protection process.

Interpret and apply information sharing guidance and processes, information governance, confidentiality and consent related to dealing with Inter-Agency child Protection procedures.

Employ professional courage, curiosity, challenge and when working alone as a single agency professional or member of a multi-agency team, working to safeguard children.

Accept and champion the culture of ‘it could happen here’ and then use and develop a culture of professional challenge and whistleblowing when working to safeguard and protect children.

Develop knowledge of and confidence in responding to contextual safeguarding concerns for children. i.e. risks to children outside of their homes, all types of exploitation, FGM and radicalisation.

Start Date
Tuesday 15 June 2021
End Date
Tuesday 15 June 2021
Closing Date
Monday 14 June 2021
09:00 - 13:00
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Number of Sessions
Certificate expiry
Yes - Friday 3 December 2021
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