The Record Business (Children's Services) (Cancelled)

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HR Workforce Development
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CAH Staff / Social Care Staff
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Children and Young People
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Children's Social Care
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This course looks at transforming the quality of your approach and how you record that new way of working: your assessments, care plans, visit forms, & all written work will be clear, concise and bring to life what life must be like for each child or young person youÀre working with. To do this the course will show you how to draw on your knowledge from research, experience and practice combined with an understanding of the childÀs needs within their family or the context in which the child lives. It will show you how the facts-analysis-judgement approach works: and how it will help as you move towards the Signs of Safety way of working. This course aims to make you confident in understanding what is relevant and meaningful and then show you how to write that down effectively. The standard charge for this course is £70. Please refer to our Course Charges on the Home page for information on discounts and exemptions.
Learning outcomes
See the beauty and power of thinking; Be clear what is fact and what is judgement; Get analysis; Get outcomes; Get whatÀs relevant, organise your evidence and make sense of it; Write cracking chronologies and summaries; Structure your work in a way that is logical, professional and easy to navigate; Form a clear plan of action that makes perfect sense and can be achieved; Ultimately save time looking at a computer and better spend it with children and families.
Start Date
Wednesday 16 June 2021
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Wednesday 16 June 2021
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Tuesday 15 June 2021
10:00 - 16:30
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