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Grace Beckett
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Adopters / All Internal Staff / CAH Staff / CECR Staff / Childminders / Connected Carers / Councillors / ECS Staff / External Care Providers / Foster Carers / GP's / Health Practitioners / Housing Association / Integra Staff / Manager / Other / Pharmacy Staff / Pre-Schools & Nurseries / Schools / SGO's / Short Break Carers / Social Care Staff / Voluntary Sector Workers
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Support Group
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The Purpose for the support groups

This is group ran by the FACs team to support foster carers own children. We realise that fostering can be difficult for your children and the important role they play in a fostering family.
This group is ran 4 times a year in different venues with different activities so your children can come along and met others who are part of a fostering family.
Our aim is to enable your children to talk freely and openly about their emotions regarding fostering, make new friends and have fun.
Although these will be informal meetings, each session will have a brief agenda, attendance list, and agreed group rules. This is to help those who don’t know anyone feel welcome and less awkward about coming along to a new meeting, also to feel that they won’t be left alone on the side-lines.
Sometimes there will be speakers and topics as requested by the group/children, this will hopefully make it as relevant and fun for your child/ren.

On the 12th June we are running the group at Noah’s Ark Zoo Bristol. We would love for your child/children to come along to have some fun while seeing the animals and making new friends.
Grace and Katie will meet you at the main entrance at 11:00am then for you to collect your child/ren at 3:30pm. We will be asking all children to please bring a pack lunch and drinks for the day due to covid regulations.

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Start Date
Saturday 12 June 2021
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Saturday 12 June 2021
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Friday 11 June 2021
10:00 - 11:30
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