Supervision Skills Training for Supervising Social Workers

The Vassalls Centre, Gill Avenue, Fishponds, Bristol
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CAH Staff
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Children and Young People
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Children's Social Care
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Foster Talk are providing this training.

If delegates can arrive for registration at 9.30am then we will start prompt at 10am – finish will be 3pm

Course overview: This one day training course will enable participants to explore any prejudices and ‘unconscious bias’ that may exist when supervising foster carers and allow them to reflect on their own practice and how this can be improved. This training will give social workers the skills to achieve effective supervision for both hard to engage foster carers as well as those where the relationship balance of being too friendly versus professional or overly critical is sometimes difficult to obtain.

Aims and objectives:
For supervising social workers to understand their role when supervising foster carers
To refresh and remind social workers of the Regulations and the National Minimum Standards that apply
To identify factors that can distort supervision
To understand the characteristics of effective supervision and when supervision is not working well 
To examine the importance of two-way professional communication
To recognise the importance of providing supportive yet challenging supervision to enable the foster carer to develop 
To have the opportunity for a group discussion using case examples
Learning outcomes

Learning outcomes:
Understanding of the regulatory context and purpose of foster carer supervision
Reflected on issues and dilemmas inherent in foster carer supervision
Developed tools, strategies and ideas to resolve these 
Learned how best to manage performance and capability issues in foster care

Start Date
Tuesday 16 July 2019
End Date
Tuesday 16 July 2019
Closing Date
Friday 5 July 2019
09:30 - 15:00
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