Sensory Processing - Tackling the Trauma with Movement and Touch

The Batch Community Centre, Park Road, Warmley
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Many children are under or over responsive/reactive to sensory input (sounds, smells, tastes, other people). They can struggle with reading and writing, concentration and behaving at school and may have issues with physical activities such as riding a bike, swimming or climbing.

Such behaviour and developmental delay has been attributed to trauma and lack of stimulation as well as living in hostile environments before and after birth. However there is another cause to add to the mix, and one that can be easily rectified.

We are all born with primitive reflexes that are usually integrated within the first year or so of life as they no longer serve us. Think of infant reflexes such as sucking and rooting and the plantar grasp where the toes curl when the foot is stroked. Two reflexes prevalent in our children are the moro (startle) and fear paralysis reflex which if not integrated are believed to contribute to learning challenges, behavioural challenges, anxiety, emotional imbalances and overwhelm.

This session is being delivered by Gill Tree.
Learning outcomes

You will learn about:
• The mind body connection
• The senses and being under or over sensitive to sensory input
• Primitive reflexes and their impact on behaviour and learning
• How issues your children have can be addressed from a sensory and reflex perspective
• The rhythmic movements of infancy
• Exercises and activities to help your child(ren)
• Touch and its importance to emotional and physical wellbeing (with safer caring in mind)
• How to be with a touch defensive child

• Story massage and the power of metaphor
Start Date
Monday 17 June 2019
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Monday 17 June 2019
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Wednesday 5 June 2019
09:30 - 15:30
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