Working with victims of Child Exploitation - Skills and Practice

Kingswood Civic Centre, High Street, Kingswood
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HR Workforce Development
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HR Workforce Development (
Target Audience
Adopters / Connected Carers / Foster Carers / Social Care Staff / Voluntary Sector Workers
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Course (daytime)
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Adopters and Foster Carers / Children and Young People / Safeguarding
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CS2 - Safeguarding and Child Protection
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Children's Social Care / Safeguarding Children
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Safeguarding Children
Event description

This course offers practitioners a chance to develop their skills in the direct work that they may be doing. The training will give practitioners ideas that may enhance their practice and introduce them to practical ways of working with young people who are or maybe at risk of exploitation.

Learning outcomes

To have a greater understanding of Child Exploitation, including contextual safeguarding
To have increased knowledge and skills when working directly with children and young people at risk of exploitation
To have knowledge of a wider range of tools and resources available for use in direct work
To have an understanding of the impact on practitioners of undertaking direct work with children and young people at risk of exploitation
To develop an understanding of online risk, the reason why YP might be vulnerable and ways they can protect themselves

Start Date
Monday 13 January 2020
End Date
Monday 13 January 2020
Closing Date
Sunday 12 January 2020
09:30 - 16:30
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