Human Trafficking & Modern Slavery – Awareness training

Park Centre, Kingswood, Bristol
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HR Workforce Development
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Health Practitioners / Social Care Staff
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Safeguarding Adult / Safeguarding Children
Event description
The training covers: • What trafficking and slavery are • Nature and scale of the issue – nationally, regionally, locally • Types of trafficking and slavery and how to identify them • Legal definitions • Working with potential victims • Victim and survivors perspective • How to interview and engage with vulnerable persons, safeguarding approach • The National Referral Mechanism – what it is and completing it • Processes to follow and things to consider • Your agencies responsibilities • Case studies and practice identifying potential victims The standard charge for this course is £35. Please refer to our Course Charges on the Home page for information on discounts and exemptions. Please note there is also a 90 minute session on Modern Slavery available.
Learning outcomes
At the end of the training, participants will be able to: • Describe human trafficking and slavery and the different forms it takes; • Understand how children are trafficked, the methods and control mechanisms that are used; • Recognise the signs that indicate a person may be trafficked; • Describe what they would do if faced with a potential victim of trafficking; • Understand typical behaviours demonstrated by trafficked persons; • Understand the risks associated with having been trafficked and the needs someone may have because of this; • Understand their role in the process • Refer an individual into the national referral mechanism.
Start Date
Wednesday 15 May 2019
End Date
Wednesday 15 May 2019
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Tuesday 14 May 2019
13:30 - 16:30
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