Language for Learning (cf)

Bradley Stoke Community School (Primary Phase), Fiddlers Wood Lane
Event Tutors
Claire Lugg / Claire Perry / PAULA YOUNG
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Target Audience
Childminders / Pre-Schools & Nurseries
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Course (daytime)
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Children and Young People
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Early Years
Event description
This course is aimed at experienced practitioners, leaders and room leaders who are looking to embark on a thought provoking journey to ponder how we develop and ignite lifelong learning in all of our children. We will wonder together how we support children to become resilient, confident and competent learners.

Park for a moment the formal ‘learning’ stuff…. the ‘what we need to learn and hopefully by when’. A little strange to ask isn’t it, but let’s consider the emotional, the cognitive, the strategic and the social aspects of learning. Let’s marvel in the fact that babies can show the same degree of curiosity and intense interest as someone at six!! We need to first find ways to understand children’s development as learners before we jump ahead assessing skills and knowledge. Let’s celebrate and focus on the competences for learning.

This course will explore what it means to become a lifelong learner and the skills and dispositions needed to support this. We will work together to reflect on what this means for ourselves and for the children and families we work with. We will develop ways of introducing the language for learning concept in your setting. Celebrate the process, the journey not the outcome, and destination…. We want our children to be the crew, not the passengers.
Learning outcomes
To develop a shared language, understanding and commitment to building a learning powered setting.

To become familiar with language for learning concepts, the 4Rs, and begin to understand how they can be used with young children to develop effective lifelong learning skills.

To develop a practical approach to introducing the language for learning approach in your settings.
Start Date
Tuesday 26 February 2019
End Date
Tuesday 26 February 2019
Closing Date
Monday 25 February 2019
09:15 - 12:15
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