Promoting Mathematical Development through Creativity (£)

Bradley Stoke Community School (Primary Phase), Fiddlers Wood Lane
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Childminders / Pre-Schools & Nurseries
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Do you find that sometimes your mathematical resources can limit children’s development in maths? Do you feel you may need a little more support and guidance to encourage your children to develop their creative thinking and problem solving skills through a more varied approach? Do you have difficulty in capturing their knowledge and understanding in your observations?

“If you face problems you can’t solve on a regular basis, with teachers or parents who don’t expect you to succeed, you are likely to assume that you have no ability in that area. When this applies to maths problems, you start to believe that this is not the subject for you.”
Cairns, E. JUMP Maths

This course will explore how you can foster children’s creative thinking and how you can nurture children to be positive problem solvers with a growth mind-set. We will reflect on our own perceptions of maths and how this can influence our teaching of maths with our children. We will consider an achievable and creative approach to the delivery of mathematics within your setting through a variety of activities, resources and experiences.

During the session we will discuss the challenges of capturing children’s mathematical knowledge and skills within observations and the importance of the adult role in fostering children’s early mathematical development.
Learning outcomes
To explore how to promote mathematical development through activities, experiences and language that fosters creative thinkers.

To understand the importance of the adult role in the promotion of mathematical development.

To reflect how mathematical development is currently captured through your observations.
Start Date
Thursday 14 February 2019
End Date
Thursday 14 February 2019
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Wednesday 13 February 2019
13:00 - 16:00
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