Attachment, Trauma and Recovery

Kingswood Civic Centre, High Street, Kingswood
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CAH Staff / Social Care Staff
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Children and Young People
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Children's Social Care
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This course is the first module in the Direct Assessment and Intervention Skills training programme which provides the opportunity to understand child development theory and practice, the effect of trauma, grief and loss on children and young people, their parents and those affected by the vicarious nature of trauma. The programme will provide opportunities to share experiences, learn from colleagues and engage with credible strategies to promote protection, safeguarding and wellbeing for children and their families and carers. Each workshop will include theory, child development, assessment approaches and life case discussions. The standard charge for this course is £80 per day. Please refer to our Course Charges on the Home page for information on discounts and exemptions.
Learning outcomes
Demonstrate a basic understanding of the components of child development (emotional, cognitive, social and relational, spiritual, physical development, sexual development) Understand the importance of play as an essential developmental process Demonstrate an understanding of an internal working model and at least one attachment style Identify principles for working with traumatised children Understand concepts of trauma; historical/cultural, community, family, individual and vicarious
Start Date
Tuesday 12 February 2019
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Tuesday 12 February 2019
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Monday 11 February 2019
09:30 - 16:30
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