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Work life balance when working from home (self-study course)

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Event description
Work life balance is a phrase originally used at a time when an increasing number of employees were part of the paid workforce, whilst also taking on the majority of the work in the family home. Now the term is used to describe the proportion of time and energy we dedicate to work life and home life. It is linked to our wellbeing and mental health.

This comprehensive course covers what is work life balance and tips to improve your wellbeing through re-balancing work life and demands at home. It considers what work/life balance is, the impact of imbalance in raising stress levels, setting boundaries, delegation, ways to enhance your wellbeing and steps you can take in work to find the balance.

If this course raises any issues for you it would be helpful to discuss please book a wellbeing coaching session, via the website and one of our coaches will give you an opportunity to explore creating greater balance in your life.
Learning outcomes
As a result of this self-study course you will

• Understand what is meant by work life balance
• Understand how to stop signs of stress
• Be better equipped to set boundaries
• Understand how the mental load contributes to stress
• Understand the role of delegation in the work life balance
• Understand the role the five ways of wellbeing can have to giving you a boost
• Create an action plan of next steps
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Wednesday 29 September 2021
09:00 - 09:30
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