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Managing Employee Performance

Webinar: Microsoft Teams, Teams
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HR Workforce Development (
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External Care Providers / Manager / Voluntary Sector Workers
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Leadership and Management
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Managing People / New To Management
Event description
The Council is committed to improving and delivering high quality services. Managers encourage employees to deliver excellent service and act within the standards set in the council’s Code of Conduct, and the council values and behaviours. They are expected to manage the performance of individuals in their team and this isn't always an easy task. This interactive course covers good management practice in a setting where managers are encouraged to learn from each other's experiences and are able to get advice on current issues and concerns.
Learning outcomes

Develop an understanding of employee performance management procedures.

Develop an understanding of how good management practices can prevent poor performance

Learn how to apply the procedures in cases of underperformance having considered the concept, principles, benefits and responsibilities associated with effective employee performance management

Consider the key techniques, skills and conduct of an effective Performance Improvement Meeting (PIM)

Practice giving feedback

Start Date
Tuesday 16 March 2021
End Date
Tuesday 16 March 2021
Closing Date
Wednesday 10 March 2021
09:30 - 15:30
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