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Badminton Road 2009, Badminton Road Offices
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Adopters / All Internal Staff / CAH Staff / CECR Staff / Childminders / Connected Carers / Councillors / ECS Staff / External Care Providers / Foster Carers / GP's / Health Practitioners / Housing Association / Integra Staff / Manager / Other / Pharmacy Staff / Pre-Schools & Nurseries / Schools / SGO's / Short Break Carers / Social Care Staff / Voluntary Sector Workers
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Course (daytime)
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Adult Social Care / Change / Children and Young People / Public Health & Wellbeing / Safeguarding
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Adult Mental Health / Autism / General Adult Social Care / Learning Difficulties / Older People / Safeguarding Adult
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Managing Change / Personal Resilience / Support Organisational Change
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Children's Social Care / Early Years / Mental Health / Safeguarding Children
Public Health & Wellbeing subcategories
Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) / Ageing Well / Childhood Poverty / Children and Young People's Mental Health / Drugs and Alcohol / Early Years and School Health / Health Protection / Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing
Safeguarding subcategories
Safeguarding Adult / Safeguarding Children
Event description
Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) are negative experiences in early life and childhood that can have an impact on health and wellbeing throughout life.
South Gloucestershire is committed to developing a co-ordinated and consistent ACE-informed approach, with a focus on recognition, prevention and early intervention and the cultural change that may be needed to support that. An ACE-informed approach is moving away from asking ‘what is wrong with you’ to asking ‘what happened to you’. It is more than just knowing about ACEs; it is using that knowledge to work together to:
- Prevent ACEs in future generations, including breaking the cycle within families
- Recognise the signs and symptoms of ACEs to enable appropriate early intervention to build resilience 
- Recognise the impacts of ACEs already experienced in children and adults and help them to receive support
- Support and build resilience in communities, families and children who are at risk of exposure to ACEs

The ACE Ambassador Network includes professionals from across public sector agencies, VCSE organisations and communities, and experts by experience. As well as delivering ACE-awareness raising sessions, the network offers opportunities to share updates and best practice and to build professional relationships and support. We hope that this network will be the mechanism by which cultural change will occur.

This training session is for participants who have signed up to be ACE Ambassadors from a variety of settings and backgrounds. Participants will already have basic awareness of ACEs and their impacts across the life course. This session is aimed at managers or staff in any sector who work with adults or children and would like to know more about how to facilitate the culture change needed to become ACE-informed. This course is FREE of charge. If you would like to find out more about joining the network but are unable to deliver training, please contact

Participants should have been identified within their organisations as ACE Ambassadors and have notified of their interest in the role prior to attending.

Learning outcomes
Participants will:
1. Understand and have the confidence to deliver South Glos’s ACE-awareness raising sessions within your own setting.
2. Understand and reflect upon the impact of working with ACE's and begin to develop the skills to build resilience.
3. Reflect and discuss barriers and opportunities to embed an ACE-informed approach.
Start Date
Thursday 6 February 2020
End Date
Thursday 6 February 2020
Closing Date
Wednesday 5 February 2020
09:30 - 15:00
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