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Celestine House, Celestine House, Celestine Rd, Yate
Event Tutors
HR Workforce Development
Admin Contact
HR Workforce Development (
Target Audience
CAH Staff / Social Care Staff
target audience
Event Types
Workshop - Week Day Time
Course categories
Adult Social Care
Adult Social Care subcategories
General Adult Social Care
Event description
This interactive 2-hour workshop supports adult care practitioners to understand the current context around Telecare and Assistive Technology in the organisation.

It is led by internal staff with expertise to explain the relevant equipment and to demonstrate what is available for customers, so that practitioners can ensure they cover these options fully and in a knowledgeable and informed way.

It takes place at Celestine House in Yate, to enable delegates to experience at first hand the newest IP/SIM card linked lifeline equipment in the house, which enables people to make “live” test calls through to the dpeartment's control centre. South Glos Telecare have purchased some of these new units in preparation for the switch from landlines to IP connected calls which will take place by 2025.

Learning outcomes
The session will include:

- Discussion on stand-alone Assistive Technology available from Medequip, Just Checking and App connected devices.

- Demonstration of linked devices such as: smoke alarms; door sensors; falls detectors; bed sensors; epilepsy sensors etc. 

Delegates can ask questions as the workshop progresses. For example around practical and "real life" issues such as:
* Practitioner and customer experiences with Telecare and Assistive Technology.
* Good experiences, and where improvements are needed.
* Referral process and charges.

An OT Technician will be at the session to demonstrate the hearing equipment which is available through the OT Technicians Service
Start Date
Thursday 25 July 2019
End Date
Thursday 25 July 2019
Closing Date
Wednesday 24 July 2019
10:00 - 12:00
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Pass/Fail event