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Understanding your role in supporting children and families with Early Help

Kingswood Civic Centre, High Street, Kingswood
Event Tutors
HR Workforce Development
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HR Workforce Development (
Target Audience
Adopters / All Internal Staff / CAH Staff / Childminders / Connected Carers / External Care Providers / Foster Carers / GP's / Health Practitioners / Pre-Schools & Nurseries / Schools / Short Break Carers / Social Care Staff
target audience
Event Types
Course (daytime)
Course categories
Adopters and Foster Carers / Adult Social Care / Children and Young People / Public Health & Wellbeing
Adopters and Foster Carers subcategories
CS1- First Aid / CS2 - Safeguarding and Child Protection / CS3 - Safer Caring / CS4 - Equality and Diversity / CS5 - Report Writing / CS6 - Attachment and well-being / CS7- Managing Behaviour / Professional Development
Adult Social Care subcategories
Adult Mental Health / Autism / General Adult Social Care / Learning Difficulties / Older People / Safeguarding Adult
Children and Young People subcategories
Children's Social Care / Early Years / Mental Health / Safeguarding Children / Sexual Health and Relationships / Single Assessment Framework (Early Help)
Public Health & Wellbeing subcategories
Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) / Adult Obesity / Ageing Well / Breakthrough Mentoring / Childhood Obesity / Childhood Poverty / Children and Young People's Mental Health / Drugs and Alcohol / Early Years and School Health / Food / Getting Active / Health Protection / Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing / Relationships and Sexual Health / Smokefree
Event description
This ½ day training course is organised by South Gloucestershire’s Early Help Partnership Support Team and is targeted at professionals working directly with children and families. Recognising when families need early support is everyone’s responsibility and this multi-agency course aims to give professionals the opportunity to understand more about Early Help and how early intervention can help to improve outcomes for children and their families. This course will also cover basic information about the Early Help/ SAFeh assessment and the processes and procedures for making a referral to South Gloucestershire’s Children’s Services.
Learning outcomes

To promote and improve knowledge of Early Help and how professionals can recognise families that might need additional support.

To understand how to build the ‘whole’ picture of the child/ young person and knowledge of what professionals can do to improve outcomes for these children.

To familiarise participants with the SAFeh process and how to use this tool to work effectively as part of a multi-agency team.
To establish a common understanding of processes and procedures around making a referral to Children’s Services

Start Date
Monday 3 February 2020
End Date
Monday 3 February 2020
Closing Date
Sunday 2 February 2020
13:30 - 16:30
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