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Developing Healthy Relationships and Emotional Resilience:Happy with me, Happy with you: healthy relationships, mental wellbeing and emotional resilience

Poole Court, Poole Court Drive, Yate
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Adopters / Foster Carers
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Adopters and Foster Carers
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Professional Development
Event description
This course will explore the links between healthy relationship development, positive mental health and strong emotional resilience. Whilst there is a developing knowledge element the course's primary purpose is to provide participants with the practical skills and resource's needed to engage young people in discussion and learning opportunities that promote healthy relationship behaviours and choices.
Learning outcomes
Objectives: This training provides an opportunity to; 1. Understand and explore the links between emotional wellbeing, resilience and positive relationship behaviours
2. Analyse the pressures / expectations on young people with regard to relationships
3. Recognise the positive role that communication / support networks play and explore strategies for encouraging young people to develop their own networks
4. Explore the importance of young people assessing and embracing their personal qualities / attributes and how these influence potential partner choices 5. Explore with young people the links between personal strengths, decision-making and action
6. Use and evaluate resources designed to develop positive; self-esteem, self-image, resilience and healthy relationship choices
Start Date
Tuesday 11 June 2019
End Date
Tuesday 11 June 2019
Closing Date
Monday 10 June 2019
10:00 - 12:00
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