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Kingswood Civic Centre, High Street, Kingswood
Event Tutors
HR Workforce Development
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HR Workforce Development (
Target Audience
Adopters / CAH Staff / Childminders / External Care Providers / Foster Carers
target audience
Event Types
Course (daytime)
Course categories
Adopters and Foster Carers / Adult Social Care / Children and Young People / Safeguarding
Adopters and Foster Carers subcategories
Professional Development
Adult Social Care subcategories
Adult Mental Health / General Adult Social Care / Learning Difficulties / Older People / Safeguarding Adult
Children and Young People subcategories
Children's Social Care / Early Years / Safeguarding Children / Sexual Health and Relationships / Single Assessment Framework (Early Help)
Safeguarding subcategories
Safeguarding Adult / Safeguarding Children
Event description
In this 1 day training, aimed at all supporters and allies of people who self-harm, you will be provided with the opportunity to: - Understand what self-harm is, and consider why someone might use this strategy as a way of coping with their experiences. - Explore some myths and the impact of stigma for people who self-harm - Hear about what people who hurt themselves have said about self-harm, and what they have found helpful in professional and personal responses - Explore some of the shared challenges faced by supporters of people who self-harm from a wide variety of settings - Gain knowledge and information in order to build confidence when supporting someone who self-harms, including harm minimisation and safer self-harm approaches - Consider your own wellbeing and emotional health needs in a supportive environment. The standard charge for this course is £60. Please refer to our Course Charges on the Home page for information on discounts and exemptions
Learning outcomes
The course has been developed by SISH (Self-Injury Self-Help), a local organisation with more than 15 years track record of facilitating peer-led self-help groups for people who self-harm. The trainer is Sal Ball, who brings 20 years’ experience of working with people who self-harm alongside a passion for assisting allies in developing good practice in this area.
Start Date
Tuesday 28 January 2020
End Date
Tuesday 28 January 2020
Closing Date
Monday 27 January 2020
09:30 - 14:30
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Pass/Fail event