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Exploring Maths at Home and Out and About (cf)

Bradley Stoke Community School (Primary Phase), Fiddlers Wood Lane
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Course (Evening)
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Children and Young People
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Early Years
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This course is for all childminders who want to develop their understanding of mathematics and how to use mathematical language to support children’s mathematical learning at home and when out and about. We will focus on maths within early years.

“Learning maths is an adventure into the unknown. The ideas we adults take for granted are a wild, unexplored country to our children.”

Gaskins, D

Are you struggling with ideas to support Maths in your home and when out and about? Would you like to find out more about maths but wonder how you can extend children’s development through your resources? Don’t panic! You are not alone. Mathematics is often the most challenging area for all practitioners to observe, assess and plan for.

As a childminder you can make a real difference to ensure every child has a chance to become a confident learner and user of mathematics. This workshop will give you confidence to use mathematical language which can ‘significantly increase children’s growth in understanding mathematical concepts’ (Klibanoff 2006).

We will help you in understanding that maths is everywhere and we will consider ideas which you can easily replicate in the home, exploring all aspects of this area of learning from Number, Space, Shapes and Measure, and storytelling to stimulate their thinking and enrich their learning.
Learning outcomes
To identify the importance of the role of the childminder in developing children’s mathematics.

To explore practical ideas which can be used within your home, to develop mathematics throughout a home-based setting and when out and about.

To understand the language of maths and how to use this in practice (language and questioning) to assist children in progressing in their learning.
Start Date
Thursday 7 February 2019
End Date
Thursday 7 February 2019
Closing Date
Wednesday 6 February 2019
19:00 - 21:00
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